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Do you want to be a VS model one day?

i would like to,but i’m not model type of body

Do you think that VS needs more black models?

FOR SURE,they need a black and an asian angel!


New - Colcci 

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great blog

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 Special Month.


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009 Harlequin Fantasy Bra Worn by Marisa Miller

hey love! i have a modeling confession blog, and i just made it. i was wondering if youd mind telling your followers to send me some? thank you so muchh

go go go guys!!!!

posted 1 year ago
i think i love Erin alot just because she has freckles and almost none of the other models have them xox Oh and is Erin a angel or not?

she is an angel!!! for sure!!

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